Friday, April 26, 2013

Last Friday in April

Akebia quinata, no signs of growth...yet..
Friday morning and it has been three days since we have had snow on the ground and rain or snow falling here in central Wisconsin.  I would be doing the Happy Dance if this was March.  As all of you know by a quick peek at the calendar, a handful of days remain until May. I think that is "may", as in, "May I go out and play in the garden Mother (Nature)?"

I have been continuing to prick out and move seedlings into bigger pots and that starts to lead to problems with room versus light.  Dr. Darrel Apps confessed to me he has the same problem in his basement grow room which is three time or more the space of my attic space.  He also said for the garden walk he is thinking blue (the full page story on the up-coming July county garden walk was in the Spring Garden section of the local weekly newspaper)...and that he had to remove his dogwood (verticillium wilt) (EEK!) and that he has a cardinal nesting in his blue spruce ("See!  But oh, so low Pam's (feral) housecat will get them!")

Darrel was busy raking out his front border where he thinks the daffodil 'Tete-a-tete' will bloom in a week.  This is a short, floriferous, very early, quickly clumping, natural looking daff suitable for drifts or woodland planting, appearing very native-looking.  He has it planted in a envious drift across the width of his entire front border which also had a redbud tucked back by the house and stoloniferous dogwood, blue spruce, and a second dogwood alternifolia.

It's a great show from my front porch.

He also confessed he has been out to one of the secret Amish nurseries in the area.  Secret, is sort of code.  All the gardeners pretty much know where they are, but they don't advertise or have a website or phone.  They have nice things though, so gardeners KNOW.

Top pruning on my "dwarf" malus 'Honeycrisp'

Late last summer, I noticed what long shadows my apple tree was beginning to cast on my potager.  It's funny how some plants can be just the right size and then in a season, they are too big.  My apple tree 'Honeycrisp' is supposed to be a graft on dwarf root stock.  I guess, not so much.  I wish I had made the cuts late last winter, rather than this; but regular pruning each year has come to my apple tree.

My forsythia has yet to show any sign of life so if Spring has finally arrived there is very little to show for it yet.

Just 78 days until the Garden Walk...


  1. I wish we had secret Amish nurseries. Why is it that so many people get so worked up about controlling the feral cat population? I suppose the same reason they get upset about controlling the deer population or hunting mourning doves. When I worked in Madison (I was and am a lobbyist, I must confess), there was a legislator from northwest WI who had a stuffed mourning dove in his office with a fork in it. That seemed a bit extreme in the opposite direction.

  2. Now sure where you stand, but I have found pieces of two different birds in my yard this Spring. Also, I believe if you take responsibility for having a pet, that doesn't allow you to let your pet free reign in a village where the lots are quite small. I hate stepping in cat po when I don't own a cat. Same goes for dog poo in areas, where I never allow my dog to poo, as she is always on a leash.

  3. Where I stand is that I support effective control of wild animal populations to the extent it is necessary for the health of the overall environment. I don't condone cruelty to animals, but I'm not sentimental about them either. I think our animal control efforts need to be a lot more aggressive than they have generally been up until now. As to people who let their pets roam outside - I agree with you, though I think the feral populations are a bigger problem.