Monday, April 8, 2013

I Saw a Robin!

Last year, I could use an outdoor cold frame for my transplants.   The ground is still pretty cold this year.
I saw a robin.  In my yard.  On the ground.

That's about a month late, maybe more.

There's also a half-hearted attempt by some bird to build something (a snow fort?) in my forsythia.  This is a shrub that would not typically be readily available to nest builders.  It is pretty densely pruned.  With and bloom or leaf it only attracts the smallest, wrens and hummingbirds.

Again, rain today, which is better than icy sleet.


  1. Us too, for the last three or four days.

  2. I love the bird building a snow fort!

    I used to think Wisconsin was a mythical place, like Oz or Hobbiton, so it's nice to find a real gardener who lives there. Or thinks she lives there. You live there right? (I can just barely cope with the Internet.)

  3. I still think Wisconsin is sort of a mythical place and often find myself humming Brigadoon or some such. My son and I recently saw "Jack,the Giant Slayer" and rooted for the home team (the giants, as my brother is 6'9"), we also saw Oz and didn't have a lot to say about the Munchins, although there were people we know that remind us of those witches.

    But, yes, I actually live in central WI. Sometimes I actually garden here as well, may be even this year, or part of this year. Weather Man says: "Extreme Flooding" for today and tomorrow. I think he pulls this stuff out of his hat, or maybe a darker, fouler area.

  4. Rachelle, Loved your comment about the birds building a "snow fort" same goes here along the shores of Lake Michigan. When will we ever see Spring? Jack