Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spontaneous Cactii

 I picked up a packet of cactus and succulent seeds walking through Fleet Farm thinking that might be fun for dish gardens.  Cactus are so pricey and last year we had record drought and heat.  All that global warning don't you know.  Using the coffee filter germination technique (or magic) I had pretty good results. 

Of course, this year central Wisconsin has been magically transported to the Arctic Circle,  hence whistling tundra swans and Arctic snow owls.  (What next polar bears?)  After raining buckets today and Thursday's forecast. I'm not sure cactii are a good choice, but seeds don't know there is 5 inches of snow forecast for Thursday.  (Nor do the plants in my grow rooms!)

My high tech labeling system shows the estimated 30 days germination time to be fairly accurate.  The date is 2/28.  
Easy for me to read it here, but a bit shiny for my camera.

Now I just have to find a little unfrozen soil for them under my lights.

FLASH WEATHER UPDATE:  We will now have vicious thunder and lightning for a couple hours before we return you to your regularly scheduled winter weather.


  1. I do agree - this is no place for cactus or --humans! What is this with all the snow here along Lake Michigan. Everything is covered in ice this morning. I gown a number of cacti in the house and put them out about June - then back in in the house in October. It would be like people from Wisconsin flying to Florida for the other months! They survive (cacti and people)!

    1. I like the imagery...snow cactii, snow owls, and the people (snow birds).

  2. Good grief, you seem to be having an endless bad weather dream! But good job starting such adorable little baby cactus-plants-to-be. Like your powder, keep them dry. Not that I know a single thing about cacti. Well I know you can make a cell phone tower look like a saguaro-- google says.

    1. I did notice Google Says cell towers can be saguaro! Very strange. Would that be Celltower desertii westerensis 'Saguaro', do you think? The electric tree cell towers have not adapted to Wisconsin's extreme weather as yet. (Whew!)

      I, too, am pondering the added option of possible Christmas decoration of these electric trees.