Friday, April 19, 2013

More of the Same, Sprinter Continues...

"Keep swimming!"  Is what this fish with its stern upper lip might be saying to those in the southeast corner of the county  or anywhere in the Midwest where streams and rivers are flooding their banks.  A decorative fish plate on my garden fence, hung using a plate holder.  It has held up very well and has been there ten years or more.
Each day it is more of the same, temperatures in the twenties at night, hovering between 34 and 42 during the day.  Usually no sunshine, very overcast, and either wind or rain, sometimes snow, too.  Sometimes, it is LOTS of rain.  Not a lot changes in the garden.  The birds are very loud, though.  They must carry on their procreative mating rituals, I suppose, in between building snow forts or igloos, or whatever they think they can build.

I have to say, since re-organizing my garden calendar to include the season of Sprinter to describe this weather, I feel a lot less anguish.  Gone is the need to get out into the garden.  Gardening just isn't done in Sprinter.  I think checking my calendar Sprinter generally continues until sometime mid-May.   I think then we are probably up for a couple weeks of a cold Spring, followed by a cool Summer starting sometime after the summer solstice.

I have likewise gathered Summer itself may be shortened up with our Killing Frost coming late August.   It is a tad disconcerting at best.

So as the Sprinter winds continue to blow, the boxer continues to hunker down by the furnace vent.  I continue my indoor gardening under lights, and get this... a gardener who is actually getting her house clean.

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  1. House cleaning is an extreme reaction, I think. Woke up this morning to a coating of snow on the ground.