Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Pretty," You Say?


is not


Picture courtesy of Annie's Anuals

You can see from the foliage how I hadn't noticed before today.  Yesterday, as the bloom to come developed I had my doubts. 

Now, I know.

The seed sold to me as agrostemma githago milas by Select Seeds, is NOT agrostemma, at all, but rather centaurea cyanus.  I only ordered from Select Seeds because I didn't want to divide up my seed order across like ten separate companies.


Valuable real estate under my lights for something that I collect seed for each year and direct sows easily here, even in last year's drought conditions.

Last time this happened I had ordered this delicately colored petunia only to have a have one bloom looking like a petunia decorated in a wild cranberry and white stripe like the Barnum & Bailey Circus tent.

Come on, people!!!

As if the weather hasn't been enough.

This morning while preparing breakfast, I noticed I need to sharpen the edge on my French chef knife. 


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  1. See, I like to divide up my orders among lots of different companies, because that helps ensure I get lots of catalogs in the future.