Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In Retrospect, Just Hideous

I don't think I have ever come this close to having my entire garden weeded, edged, and mulched all at one time.  This bodes well for the upcoming garden walk.  And, I almost want to cheer, the Neighbors finished siding the sides of their garage visible in my garden.  Gone are the rusty pipes and pieces of iron they had hung on the garage in my garden.   Also gone, is the hideous view of the inside of their hoarder heaven garage interior visible through the window in my garden because the window is itself just gone. 

In retrospect the garage was just hideous.  Now its new colored siding gives my garden a new depth, and is a nicer improvement than all the edging and mulching I've done could ever make.  Eveything in the garden seems quieter, more somber and subdued.  Peaceful.  It seems a sheltered spot.

If my neighbors knew, they'd pull down all the siding and rehang the crappy bits of metal and iron, just to see me suffer.  They think nothing of flinging their trash bag between their house and my fence (only visible to passersby at the street-- not to me) as a storage spot until trash day.  Luckily, there are no interested rats or raccoon.

So I have bits of painting to do, I want to edge the succulent bowl above in satin green apple paint, and bit of weeding and mulching to do.  I grabbed a few colorful annuals on a deep discount to fill out some pots, and I have a bit of staging to do.  And editing, like my small bicycle collection(!), and the annual veggie transplants still destined for the family garden.  I need to touch up the painting on my house and deck and hang some shutters.

My first peony (of the tuberous type) bloomed today.

But...I am getting there.

Unless it pours tomorrow, maybe some pictures.

Thirty one days and counting.


  1. Hurrah for the new siding, if not the neighbors. It is pouring here right now, but I think this storm at least is to your south.

    1. It was for the most part to the south. I heard it had hail, so all good there!

  2. I am SO happy for you!! THAT is awesome. AND congrats on that gardening. Almost all weeded is pretty darn cool GO GIRL GO!

  3. I totally agree. I never thought the neighbor's garage siding would bring so much joy, especially as I had much trepidation in my heart for the plants near that garage!