Saturday, June 29, 2013

More from the Outagamie Garden Walk 2013

A very innocuous entrance...
I posted some pictures from the Master gardeners Walk on the garden ornamentation and containers, but I didn't say much about the actual gardens on the walk.  Having my own garden scheduled to be part of a walk has been an eye opener and impetus to finally get my actual garden to look like the space I see in my head., rather than the ongoing project(s) it really is.  So, let me say, I give it up to anyone who has the stuff to put their garden out there, whether as part of a walk, garden conservancy days, or just for nickel tours.

This blogpost is solely pictures from one of the gardens, in my mind the most impressive.

The gardener is also an award winning quilter, and you can see this in her subtle blending of colors, shapes, and types of plants.  The park-like setting and size of her garden also made me drool a bit, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

...opened up to this...

and this,

and this.

I got the impression this back deck was a newer area; it wasn't as finely honed and integrated into the back yard as the yard itself.  There was a lot of space and as all gardeners want to do, she was busy filling it.  Her garden was a surprisingly four years old, but she conceded she had brought some good sized hostas with her from her previous garden.

As I mentioned, though plant selection for color and texture was where she excelled.

Hosta Gunther's Prize

She also, in my opinion, had the best garden ornamentation.

It was an amazing garden in many ways.


  1. Thanks for this. I love that combination of Geranium, Hosta, and Sedge. Or is that Japanese Forest Grass?

  2. I think it was a sedge, probably the carex Bowles Gold, was my thought at the time. The Japanese Forest Grass is pretty iffy here, not too popular, and I remark to myself whenever I see it because of that. Sometimes you see the gold mini sweet flag with that look. It is labeled as an annual here, but can, in the right spot perennialize.