Friday, August 9, 2013

A Garden Gem in Oshkosh

As you may know, I went on a number of garden walks this summer.  Many of the gardens were filled with kitschy art, lots of annuals bedded with no sense of design, and not a lot of thought. 

The following picture are not that.  These all come from one garden I would consider a standout.  I'm going to post them in the order I viewed the garden, to give you a better idea of its small space, good gardening, and design.

I hope  you enjoy this particular garden as much as I did!

I loved this!  They took four smaller pieces and combined them to forma much larger piece making a even larger statement by having it seem to swirl out from the Jackmanii type clematis.

Au cage aux folle...?

An interesting way to work with the unfortunate placement of a garage window

Campanula Pink Octopus

And they had a vegetable garden, composted and collected rain water... a space half the size of my yard!

The barrel cactus is actually a metal art piece.

They had a Japanese maple, but not the typical Bloodgood.

The use of clematis and bedding out in drifts made this garden seem huge.  They also gardened primarily using perennials.  I'm not sure I didn't see a single annual.  Anything in a pot seemed to be a houseplant vacationing outdoors.

This was a bold garden in many ways.  Check out this color combination!

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