Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mid-August Plants of Interest

Evening Primrose grown from seed, it was open last night at 10:00 PM when I walked Cinnamon.
 Plants do not have to be in bloom to have a place in my garden.  This time of year I realize how seriously I am into foliage.
Growing tip of smoke bush 'Golden Spirit'

Sedum 'Matrona'
 This is the time of year when I realize how seriously big my collection of sedums truly is.  Just a handful are pictured here.  I really need to do an entire week of blog posts on them!

By far, my fav veronica, veronica 'Eveline'  The bee's are really working her over the last couple days, although it has been in bloom since mid-July and shows no sign of stopping yet, and I haven't deadheaded it either.

Ligularia japonica.  This needs a fancy name!  The foliage is so incredible.  This plant has only 4 leaves and really hasn't increased since I first planted it, but just this tiny amount of wow it puts out is pretty special  I think I just don't "get" ligularia.  I probably should be moving it, I just not sure where.

Sedum 'Xenox'

Ajuga 'Chocolate Chips'

A messy little group of sedums that languish by my 'Blue Star' juniper.  The color play is nice, though.

This sedum in my cactus pot I do not believe is winter hardy, sedum dasphyllum.

May be sedum 'John Creech'
A species weigelia, the bloom is pathetic.  I keep it around for the red stems and the foliage alone!

Sedum 'October Daphne'; it has a couple sports.  On the left the variegated center of a creamy yellow retaining the red edge, and on the right just the creamy yellow.  I have separated out the left sport by taking a tip cutting and there is no reversion.  I hesitate to try the right sport, thinking it may be a lethal variation.  Maybe I should get on that anyway.  It has come back this way every year for 3-4 years from just about nothing.  Maybe it is more stable than I think. 

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