Saturday, August 3, 2013

Build It and They Will Come: Fairy Gardens

Dang! It happens everywhere!  You develop a collection of miniature plants, be it mini-hosta, alpines, rock garden plants, containers of succulents; and those tiny people, fairies, gnomes and the like just move right in!

I thought for sure to capture some Tiny People strolling on this mosaic boardwalk, but no.

This hobbit-sized garden doorway (about four feet tall) was also see n a Door Gardens.  I was waiting for Bilbo Baggins to make an appearance...

...instead, there was this guy, who surely is the King of the garden Gnomes!

Th pictures above were taken by me at the Door Gardens, but make no mistake; Fairy Gardens are everywhere!  I have it on good authority there are three such gardens right next door to me!  I've even found them at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens!

Or, maybe the Green Bay fairies just have cottages in Door County!

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  1. The pet TickleMe Plant is a fun addition to any fairy garden. It was easy to grow and the leaves really do act like they are being Tickled when you Tickle them!