Friday, August 2, 2013

Call Me Tiger Lily

I think the Indian Princess in Peter Pan is named Tiger Lily.  Hook takes her captive before he becomes so entranced with messing up Peter Pan's life by grabbing onto Tink.  Then Tinkerbelle becomes an also ran compared to Wendy and her abilities to mother the Lost Boys and Peter Pan is enthralled  by her story-telling. 

If Tiger Lily was anything like the flower...I would have stuck with her.  And like Hook, I've got to get me some of these!

(Pictures taken at the Hancock, WI Agricultural Research Station.)


  1. Beautiful, but are they really called tiger lilies? What kind of lilies are tiger lilies? Also, the main thing I remember from Peter Pan is the incredibly un-PC song "What Made The Red Man Red?".

    1. Yes, really tiger lilies,