Thursday, September 19, 2013

Looking for Something to Do This Weekend? Come to Wild Rose, WI!

Calling all gardeners, weekend road-trippers, and classic car buffs!  This weekend it is time to combine all three!

As I primarily blog about gardening, I'll start there.  Dr. Darrel Apps, the famed daylily hybridizer, my neighbor, and local Kiwanis member is donated 70 different selections of daylilies to a Kiwanis fundraiser held on Saturday (9/21/13) morning 7:30 to 10:30 at the Lions' Building just south of Wild Rose on State Highway 22.  These daylilies are "modern" daylilies (he uses this phrase here locally, because when the locals think daylilies, they almost invariably think "ditch lilies", (a name Dr. Apps abhors).

The one thing a daylily breeder never has enough of is space.  He is cleaning out his plot of everything of which the results was similar to an already patented  cultivar, dividing out cultivars he uses for breeding and grow like gangbusters and are eating up his breeding plot's real estate, or plants he just doesn't need at this point in his breeding program.  These are the same sorts of flower sold in the White Flower Farms breeders collections of daylilies.  And, actually, a lot of those sold in the White Flower Farms catalog when Dr. Apps was at Bridgeton, NJ were his.  Now, he is here in Wild Rose.  They will be sold mostly as two fan divisions, starting at $3, going up to $10 for things like divisions of breeders' plants which would normally sell for hundreds of dollars.

I've got my eye on a few fans of this dark one!

The fans will all be labeled with color, height, and other growing information, and a name if it has one.  If you buy an unnamed one you can name it in your garden yourself!

Next, there is the Classic Car Show and Cruise.  I have lots of details on the home page of the village's website.  It's on Friday Night, and starts at the Wild Rose Elementary School, winds up on Main Street, where it is followed by a free street dance and live music.  Our Main Street is lined with over 50 scarecrow exhibits this year.  These are incredible and nearly worth the drive in themselves.

This is followed by a Saturday full of  fun: the free car show, pancake breakfast, activities for the kids... Lots to do.  If pancakes didn't fill you up, have lunch at one of our restaurants on Main Street and walk it off chatting with the scarecrows.  (We'll never tell!)

And, if you need a quiet moment to contemplate nature, take a stroll around our Mill Pond on our Boardwalk, or hop in the car and take the six mile trip over to Covered Bridge Road and the Springwater Volunteer Covered Bridge.

It's definitely worth a road trip!  Everyone here hopes to see you around!

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  1. I would certainly go if I were within an hour or so. Those grape colored daylilies are kind of startling, but I might want one.