Sunday, September 22, 2013

So Which Daylilies Did I Select?

My photo of a photo taken by Dr. Darrel Apps of 'North Wind Dancer' (Schaben, 2001).  All the pictures of daylilies in this post are pictures of a picture taken by Dr. Apps, unless otherwise noted.
There were quite a few "Goings-on" in my neck of the Central Wisconsin "New North" this weekend.  For area gardeners, we have had a couple pretty cold "cover up your coleus and clip your basil" sort of cold nights; not the "Run, run-- collect all the cukes and tomatoes" sort.  We also had the opportunity to select from some truly superior sorts of modern daylilies from the hybridizer, Dr. Darrel Apps, who as a member of the local Kiwanis, donated daylilies to their fund raiser held in conjunction with the Classic Car Show Pancake Breakfast.
With 70 different selections, the choice was difficult.  That pale yellow spider on the far right was not among my selections, but would have been a nice addition to my long border. (My photo.)

Dr. Darrel Apps, daylily hybridizer and Kiwanis member.  (My photo.)

So what did I select?

I knew this was going to be very difficult for me, so wisely I did sit down and determine my budget beforehand; something gardeners find difficult to do, especially when an opportunity such as this comes up.  For daylily collectors, this was a possible once in a decade opportunity.  While making my choices, I was even approached by two avid collectors who asked if I could attempt to get a picture of them "near" Dr. Apps.  They were tickled when I told them I could do better than that, I could get him to pose with them!  They must not have been from around these parts!

The lack of a name on daylily 08-66 means this is an unnamed, non-patented daylily from Dr. Apps' breeding program.   I can call it anything I want.  I know I have seen this one or one of its siblings on Dr. Apps' FaceBook page.

Daylily 'Burgess Blackmoor' (Albers, 1999).  I'm, sure this was taken the morning after one of our very cool nights this summer.  Cool nights do not encourage daylilies to open fully, something I really didn't realize until this very cool summer.

Daylily 'Can't Buy Me Love', (Apps-Blew, 2009).  Look at that bud count!
My photography does not do this centerpiece justice.
I was lucky enough to have Dr. Darrel Apps remind which ones I have admired more often than not in his gardens and which ones would go well with the plants already growing in my own garden.  I sure hope he likes that 'Burgess Blackmoor', because my plan is eventually have a huge swath of it across the front of my house, visible from his house.
Daylily 'Not Forgotten' (Barth-Barth-N., 1993)
Darrel also did these nice arrangements for the tables for the Kiwanis breakfast, a man of many talents, the Kiwanis got lucky when he joined the local chapter. (My photo.)



  1. 'North Wind Dancer' looks amazing - almost tropical! So going on my wish list...

  2. North Wind Dancer is a good pick, I like the spidery petals. Those others are in some colors that will wake you up in the morning!