Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Fall Garden Project Continues...and Has Stopped: (Progress This Fall)

Note: Hurriedly all the stray bulbs, unplanted perennials and whatever got heeled in to the corner (open ground), by my caring Handsome Son.  Beggars and the incidentally and unexpectedly disabled can not be particular.

It all started when the neighbor sided the garage.  The idea, that I could remove the black pine, began to take shape.  The fence which is such a nice backdrop to my long border could be continued.

You could see why the idea had never occurred to me before...
I didn't realize how bad this looked.

This is the berry bramble side.  The side to the right was obscured by the black pine.

Pine with floating glowin the dark globes before Garden Walk this summer.
This is the seedling of a 'Bloodgood' Japanese maple I selected which got a new home today (10/1/13).  The leaves on this selection are more of a rusty orange than the clear deep burgundy red.  Rather than a wide palmate leaf, the leaves are thinner and more finger-like and serrated.  It will need some structural trimming over time, but I will probably keep my lock on my trimmer until early to mid-winter I am back on my feet.

I have erected and stained the fence.  I moved the brambles behind the leading edge of the garage.  Most of the brick which formed an non-permanent wall will be re-purposed in my next project.

I hope I am not just making a Raceway for Rodents!
My thought is to make a place to cover as a cold frame in spring.  This is the foot of my potager and strawberry bed and perennial herbs. I will be able to grow early lettuce here, maybe spinach, harden off seedlings and cuttings, give winter sown seeds a head start.  I think it will be a useful space.  If it works as anticipated, instead of dry stack I'll use mortar and make this a bit more permanent next fall.  My intent is to put a wooden frame top on the brick with plexi panels.

I'm not sure what else will come into play in this corner other than room for the Japanese maple to spread its limbs.  I am the thinking process of upgrading my plant selection.  The other plants in this section are filipendula, a Korean boxwood, a 'Moorpark' apricot, sundrops, white geranium, 'Johnson's Blue' geranium, a heliopsis, rubeckia triloba, a purple cone flower and echinecea nitidia. an apricot daylily and some large alliums.  Also is an Apps daylily I have had for years, 'Apricot Sparkles', which I bought before I met my neighbor Dr. Darrel Apps, but which has been suffering in the shade of the black pine as the pine grew too large for its space.


An aster I need to remember to pinch hard and often!
  1. Looking west at this corner, a piece of shabby chic oak motif railing I will possibly be using elsewhere in the garden.  It shows off well against the brown fence and is a nice backdrop for the Japanese maple. (Fall, mid-project)


  1. Seems like you got a lot done before you were hurt. I very much like the look of your yard, though I'm not a huge Japanese maple fan. Where did you get those squiggly sunflower sculptures?

  2. Your garden is beautiful! I love a project and always seem to be either in the middle of one or planning a new one. :o) I hope you feel better soon.