Monday, October 7, 2013

The Physics of Walking

The size of my entire garden...
I am suddenly shuttered into a very small world.  What looked like a promising October filled with blue skies and nice weather, the thought of purchasing a very small sailboat, meeting up with family, and decorating for Halloween; instead the closing up my housing tying up personal affairs and an uncertain future. 

I have fractured my acetabulum.

Bed rest, a walker, possibly surgery with no guaranteed results, loss of work,and catastrophically staggering medical bills may well be my future.  I'm not sure  of my future, any part of it.

My son is trying to keep it together, but he is shook up, too.  In his third semester in college he is just three credits from junior standing-- I don't want him to drop out to deal with this.

Faithful Companion has already bitten a substitute caregiver, Cinnamon doesn't understand what is happening. My son's dad is willing to take her indefinitely, but we could not connect all of our dots.

Strangely, I'm not in pain.  Finding a comfortable sleeping position-- difficult does not describe it.  Moving from place to place takes incredible forethought, strength of will and planning.

Out of the blue, perhaps not so much, Baby Boo and the Gardening Twins' parents--my brother and beautiful SIL have offered to take me in.  Surprisingly, my rough and tumble sister in the Twin Cities and her companion offered to do the same, if needed. 

You could say simply I broke my hip, but that's a bit too simplistic.  The type of break is typically seen in motorcycle accidents, plane crashes, high speed crashes.  There are typically lots of associated injuries.  I have none of those.  Twenty percent of those suffering this and the associated injuries and subsequent issues are dead within the year.

Scary statistic.

So if I seem to be talking to plants a bit less often, now you know why.


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!
    I have no words.

    Get well soon is too simplistic, my shock and horror are huge. I can't wish you well enough, Rachelle. You are a young person, those stats have to be related to those with other injuries or those who are elderly.
    HUGE amounts of care and hugs and good karma being sent your way

    1. I am imagining all these worker bees and ants transporting gossamer fine silk spider webs and silk threads made by beetle-y type creatures, silk worms and spiders to the fracture site to knit up the bone. I am so very lucky to have so many supportive family members and caring friends. I am trying to be a good "sick" person. I do feel the medical community is already closing ranks against me and the choices in care I choose to make. So far though my family has been supportive of my decisions.

      I will gladly accept all good wishes for a speedy recovery that wishes and prayers will make it so!

      Thank you.

  2. Wow, Rachelle, I'm so sorry you have had this serious injury. Also sorry I have not been keeping up with your blog. I hope you are able to get well very soon!!!