Monday, January 6, 2014

"...and then the head of that hydrangea rolled by..."

See it lying there, caught under the left corner of the rhodie in the center?
Out my bedroom window is the view of this 60' by 90' semi-formal parterre.  The rhododendrons at the entrance tell me by their deeply curled leaves closing in on their stems how very cold it is.  ,Looking for signs of wind, I notice in a sudden gust the head of an Annabelle hydrangea from the hedge around the wrap-around porch blows across my view to lodge under that same rhodie.  The bright sun, the light of which I am attempting to soak up through my east window; all tell me it is so very cold out there.

Stay warm everyone!


  1. I laughed out loud at the head of the hydrangea that happened to roll by! Hunker down for one more day or so!!

    1. Oddly enough, later in the day the wind shifted and the head of the hydrangea managed to loosen itself and roll back the way it came. Almost like it was public transport for ants working on the rhodie. Just so odd.

  2. Today the high was 25 and it felt absolutely balmy.