Saturday, January 4, 2014

On the Hunt: That Rose

What rose?
I don't really know the name of this rose.  I saw it at the Chicago Botanical Gardens in late June 2011.  I have been trying to find/identify it ever since.  It is a rose that says rose to me in no uncertain terms.  I have sort of nailed down a couple different possibilities, but no real source of any. 
At first, I believed it to be Henri Martin, part of the famed Canadian Explorer Series.  Now I am not so sure.
Then possibly a species, not selected, moss rose.   Or maybe a noisette, although I tend to think of them as small blooms.  Hmmm...
...then La Ville Aux Bruxelles.
Some of the roses here are possibilities.
It just was not clearly or even labeled at the CBG.  They usually do a great job labeling their plants, which is great, because if someone like me is looking for the label, almost everyone that views that plant probably does not know what it is.
I have a system.  My camera has taken over that role of note taker.  Rather than scribble the name of a particularly interesting plant on paper, I take a picture of the nametag and try to capture enough of the plant to identify it.  The subsequent photo is a picture of the plant at large.  This predictable rote is particularly helpful with larger herbaceous plants, or plants with discretely hidden nametags.  Perhaps it was not labeled, or I was distracted by a bee.  Or someone asked me a question.  This time my methodology failed me.
Does anyone know this rose? 
How do you deal with note taking on must have plants?  Does anyone else use their cameras this way? 
What are you, the plant collectors, hunting for this coming garden season?


  1. Seeing your posting today made me smile. I was just at the Chicago Botanic Garden the day after Christmas to see the railroad display. but I can not be of help in identifying the rose - too much snow in that area. HAHA. Nice to see your posting! JC

    1. Nice to hear from you as well. I often feel quite disconnected from the world these days. I guess this not a winter to feel deprived because I can't get out, still... Stay warm JC!