Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2014 Fox Valley Master Gardeners Garden Walk: Part 2

If you like shady gardens, this was a truly nice one.  It had lots of large, well-grown hostas, and well-done visual interest.

The bottle tree was not in the open garden but in a neighbor's yard across the way...poor Japanese lilac!

A bottle tree with pegs or nails directly fastened into a living tree, in this case a Japanese lilac.  Japanese lilacs can take a lot of abuse.  I think this probably crosses the line, though.

The Master Gardener to the right in this picture was very knowledgeable, and I spoke to her at length.  She confessed she had lost every shrub and tree in her front yard this spring due to our winter; none of which were yews (I asked).  I think she walked with me to the back yard, worried I would take a header when she saw me walking with my cane.  She really needn't have worried.  (My mother complained that I must have a sign on my forehead," talk to me!")

This pergola covered with a bamboo shade was well made (and looked to be within my carpentry skill level) and provided shade for the unusual variegated ligularia below.

Not allium argentum, more like allium spray paintium...

Allium sprayed here to match the weathered frame of the glass-less windows.

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  1. Gosh what is with all the bottle trees? I don't think I've ever seen one in a garden here but you know I don't get out much. I agree that nailing up a lilac is not fun really. I liked the wheelbarrow plants, reminds me of Whoville somehow.