Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturday at the Paine

Saturday I visited The Paine in Oshkosh.  I try to get there each year once or twice.  They bed out a lot of annuals, but I really like it for its bones of established shrubs and trees.  It is also a public garden space which I feel has the most in common with where I actually garden.

On this Saturday, it was all decked out for a wedding.
We were there five minutes and the sky literally opened up and it poured, torrentially, for like five minutes and then the sun was back.  We took shelter under a canopy left in place from the wedding .  

The garden seems to have this pale yellow, white, lime green, and blue green theme going on this year.

They had also placed a teak marimba in the gardens, with mallets.  Handsome Son, who has more than little musical talent and a good ear broke into some musical scales and variations which actually sounded quite composed.  It added more than a little ethereal ambiance to the surrounding space.  Being slow to come into the clearing where he was playing, I didn't realize it might be him playing.  Girlfriend was surprised, too.

'Baby Duck' petunias looking good...especially given the day; one for ducks.

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