Sunday, March 29, 2015

A WInter's Tale

The garden is still very tan and brown.
Only this bright blue ceramic fish platter provides
a splash of color in this part of the garden.
Here, these last few days of March, winter is holding tight.  There is a board game called a Winter's Tale where the players write their own story lines.  Winter or Spring wins based on the strength of the story (and the number of inspiration cards one has to play).

I can't help but think a gardener's life is similar to this epic battle of the land caught in the grip of Winter.  It all depends on the cards we are given to play and the stories we can tell.  In the short dark days of Winter, our cards and stories revolve around seed and plant catalogs, garden plans and catching up on our garden reading, whether it is a book, blog, or increasingly these days, online.  Later we play cards like grow rooms with light stands and greenhouses.  On those rare balmy days we do winter pruning and attend gardening talks and seminars.

It is all Prologue to "The Gardening Season".  This year, as last, prologue seems to need a bit of editing and could do with a bit more brevity to my mind.

An interesting piece of garden art  I came across at
The photo is theirs. Actually, there was a lot to be interested in on their website,
although I wasn't sure this was a single piece or a assemblage of three similar pieces.
So, while we continue to sit in prologue, do you have your garden story written for the season?

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  1. Not exactly. I have a few plot elements in mind, but I think this year's story may be somewhat stream of consciousness. Hope winter lets go soon, today it really did feel like spring here.