Saturday, March 21, 2015

Garden Silliness Using Word 2013 Picture Tools

No, my window boxes do not look this nice. not yet, anyway. Using Word 2013 though with a bit of cut paste and shaping, I can get an idea what a particular garden element might look like in my garden. It's a great way to mock up an idea.

Now, the challenge as a gardener is to transmit that idea into reality. Gardening is more a performance art than anything else.  It is not like adding new hardware to your kitchen cabinets.

Yeah, and I think I am so done with coir liners. The birds have a great time attempting to nest in them or make off with the bits as nesting materials. This year I am going to use burlap liners to hid my black plastic pots. I realize they will rot in a season, but hopefully will look a bit neater over all.

1 comment:

  1. I have never used coir liners. I try to get the plants to flop over the side and hide the pots, though that can take a while.