Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Snow Has Gone!

The bones of beebalm
The snow has gone.  I search for that sweet spot to rake up dog poo while still frozen and remove pine needles from my barked hosta beds before the bark comes up as well.  Our village snow prognosticator indicates there are still 15 snowfalls due us this year.  I am not getting too excited about the beautiful weather.

I have begun cleaning up my beds as I leave the perennials stand through the winter for the birds. Already I can see the rabbits have pruned my 'Cameo' quince for me.  I can hear finches and robins, but have only seen the finches.

I know the ground is frozen pretty deep at this point, but I have a lot of work "up top" to do.


  1. HOOORAY FOR NO SNOW!!!! Isnt it nice to have a "earlyish" sign of spring??!! Enjoy!

  2. Yeah, LOL! Visible doggy poo...