Friday, March 20, 2015

Back into Gardening

Jung's Warm Double Date (Photo: Jung's)  A combo I have been considering for my window boxes
I've been spending a couple hours here and there in the garden, cutting back, taking stock.  It seems we have had a mild winter, little evergreen burn, no casualties so far, although it is very early days yet.  Last winter every step was a struggle; this year, not so much.

I am appreciating the bones of my garden.  We have had little moisture, neither snow nor spring rains.  The garden is holding, not really in winter, but without moisture not really breaking dormancy.

Inside I have started tomatoes and peppers.  I have taken a few cuttings of coleus, fuchsia, geranium and begonia.  I have started some cannas and dahlias in pots.  I have planted, late, some petunias which have yet to sprout.

I saw my first robins today, although I have heard them for a week or more.  Morning doves likewise have been cooing to me, sitting on the neighbor's garage.

Plant tags are more evident than plants.

I have goals, this year, more of these than anxieties about whether I can do the work my garden demands.  And I will hunt some new and replacement plants for the drought of 2012 and the brutal winter of 2013-2014.

Creeping phlox 'North Hills' (Photo; Jung's) Another plant I have been considering.

I can use my shovel.  It will be a good year.

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  1. YAY for shoveling!! I'm so glad you are mended! It truly is a blessing to have a more normal spring, isn't it?