Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dag Nab Critters!

Unreachable! Bull's Blood beets and peacock kale in a pot!
Rabbits, crows, squirrels...other creatures which go unseen in my garden, but the effects can be seen. There is a hosta in the front hosta bed that looks like the battle royale was fought over its crown just as it emerged.  I can see two squirrels discussing it...

"Hey, Curly-Tail!  I know a nice little hosta where were we can go!" says Big-Nuts.
"The dog always serenades us on the other side of that clear stuff there! says Curly-Tail.
"I know!  Isn't that exciting? Makes messing around feel just a bit dangerous!" says Big-Nuts.
"I don't know anything about dangerous, but I'm still mad at you for forgetting where you buried all those walnuts you promised me last winter!" says Curly-Tail.

 By the way, Curly-Tail, this is The Gardener.  I found those walnuts...
Late winter the rabbits pruned my 'Double Take Pink Storm' quince.  It had two blooms, both very low to the ground, such that they nearly went unnoticed.
Bloom from my 'Double Take Pink Storm' quince. An interesting note, I had twice attempted to plant a quince propagated form the species selection 'Texas Scarlet' to have it not survive the winter; winters much milder than our last two. This cultivar must be just a bit more hardy, although tastier to the rabbit population.

These veggies have done fairly well, protected from late frosts and marauding animals within this brick enclosure.  The tomatoes on just the other side of the bricks?  Crows or squirrels have come along and worked them over.

What dog owner would think this an appropriate spot for their dog to do its duty?  I found a large pile of poo in the middle of that nice blue sedum in the center of this photo! My dog in on a very narrowly leash and line-delineated "Poo Zone" which does not extend near this area!

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