Sunday, May 31, 2015

In Transition

The south end of the Long Border
Gardens are always in transition. To the right of this picture a large black Austrian pine was removed in 2012.  At that time, this part of the border went from shade to sun. The neighbors also resided the garage (which is not mine but a 12' x 12' part of extends onto my property). At the time of the residing, they also removed the window looking into my garden, making this corner a much friendly and aesthetically pleasing space as I didn't have to see the load of crap people can hoard  store in their garage.

I moved a small 'Bloodgood' Japanese maple seedling into this corner. In the next few years this corner will have a bit of dappled sunlight. It will have an understory planting rather than the perennial border sort of planting it now enjoys.

I do like it now, but I like the process of changing up a space every so often, too.

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