Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dappled Willow, One Year After

At about 3 1/3' tall and wide
As gardeners, we are sometimes confronted with the "do I or don't I" prune it to the ground scenario. After a couple bad winters sandwiching a drought of nearly epic proportions, my dappled willow had about 2/3 of it severely damaged by pests. Nervously, I trimmed it to the ground in late summer. This picture was taken yesterday about 1 1/2 years later.

For those of you considering such actions and wish you had the benefit of someone's experience, here you go. 

I will add dappled willow enjoy their water, but after establishing themselves do well with a lot less. They are also know for their rampant growth and benefit from heavy pruning as the spring color is the result of new growth. 

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Close-up of the "bloom"


  1. I have one of these, it is looking a little tatty. I will cut it back this fall I think! :)

  2. Do they require full sun (don't most willows?)?

    1. Willows will grow in light shade, part shade, dappled shade and do quite well. They will be bushier in full sun. For the dappled Japanese willow, the coloration is much more intense, which is what you want. I have seen some which get only sun through high noon, that look quite nice.