Friday, June 19, 2015

Views of the Long Border

It may always be a work in progress; just not quite "there". Each  year I tweak it here, tweak it there. I try to remove the quack grass and June grass, it seems to little avail.  Voracious ground-chomping plants eat up the real estate. This is a predator-prey environment. Eat or be eaten. Filipendula, sundrops, phlox, beebalm, geraniums, trandescantia, rudbeckia, asters, chrysanthemums, and heliopsis give no quarter.

I weed out enough flowering plants for more than a couple gardens each year. I pinch and prod others to play nice. It is easy to lose yourself whether you are plant or gardener. It gobbles up garden tools set down for a moment, leaving gardener vowing to paint each and every tool handle a shocking RED.

Animals have crawled in to die escaping more blood-thirsty predators of the four legged kind. It sports habitat for giant larva of untold insects and even a moth as big as my fist a couple nights ago. Hummingbirds attempt to chase me from in it July when beebalm begins to scent the air. The neighborhood bees smile and are as busy as...bees... working over the population of the long border.

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  1. That is a beautiful border! Man, talk about obnoxious weeds, the quack grass is just insidious. It is a constant battle. It looks great, tho. Kudos!