Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Planting for Spring

Yellow Mountain tulips (Photo: Vanengelen)
I went pretty light for my bulb planting for the coming spring. The fact is I have very little space to plant. It is a hassle to plan any sort of design around existing plants and my beds are pretty well packed. My sole option is the corner bed which I ripped out nearly everything growing there. I still have two clumps of plants (daylily and campanula) I need to move, but am hesitant. I fear moving them to some other area will inadvertently also move a campanula Cherry Bells. I like this campanula, but it can be a thug.

This is the spot, to the left of the steps, for the Yellow Mountain tulips.

Looking at this photo taken about six weeks ago, I can how fall is in full force in my yard today! Lots of yellow pine needles and yellowing hostas and daylilies.

I also fell in love with a tiny yellow species tulip while visiting the Janesville Rotary Garden in late spring.

Yellow tulipa sylkvestris (Photo: Vanengelen)
Typically, not a clue where I will plant this!

I have a small break in my work schedule. Hopefully, I will have a couple of nice days weather-wise.

View from my dining room window, you can se the slight rolling distortion in the very old glass of my dining room windows. I think this rolling distortion places the house as pre-1910 construction. Some of the glass has been replaced over time and does not have this distortion. This window, at least, has glass dating the house to at least that time period.

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  1. Love the Tulipa sylvestris. The yellow mountain tulips, not as much. Great name though. Not crazy about double tulips. Still, I can see they would make an attractive mass.