Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sunny Saturday Magic

The sunlight streaming in my south and east windows this morning makes my entryway feel like spring. The golden light hitting the back of sweet potato cuttings and the huddled plants that have made it through another winter is so wonderful.
This weekend will be warm. I am sure we will have more snow; the village Snow Witch AKA Snow Prognosticator says so. Right now, I will soak up the sunny rays. As the meme says, "Wisconsin- the only state where a 40-degree day makes so many people happy!"
There is something magical about starting seeds, corms, and cuttings. 

My finger swipe knocked off the condensation on the plastic wrap, and...seedlings!

These anemone corms were soaking while I was at work.
I came home to a house smelling of peanut butter and beans.
Has anyone else experienced that or am I just a super sniffer? (Yes, I covered them after taking this picture.)

And some surprise clematis seeds saved to my pocket from some place I visited; don't tell.
I like to germinate hard-to-germinate seed using the coffee filter and plastic bag method. It makes cold stratification easy and doesn't prevent light from reaching the seeds, if necessary for germination. It also does not take up a lot of space.
These next few days snow will melt. The ravages of yet another Wisconsin winter are still unknown. It is like seeing a newborn, there is so much potential in the garden season ahead.

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