Monday, May 16, 2016

Bergenia and Others

Bergenia, is evergreen, or shall I say ever-red, as it retains its fleshy leaves
throughout the winter although they take on a deep red color in cold weather. Transplanted last fall,
they all bloomed this year; I believe because they received more sun.

This French lilac is reminiscent of the old fashioned lilac, but the color is redder and brighter.
The blooms are bigger, fleshier 

Veronica 'Trehane', each year I vow to move it as its bright limey green foliage emerges.
Each year it gets lost in the shuffle.

Japanese maple 'Bloodgood' seedling

My weeping crap, blooming each years, stealing the show in my front yard.
It seems as if it is a six foot tall umbrella-- with the occasional wild hair,
which I attempt to kept clipped seeking access from increasingly difficult to find vantage points.

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