Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May in My Garden

After the long winters here, May seems more like rebellion. Everywhere there is green lushness, lilacs in bloom, tulips, phlox, clematis, the bright green of new foliage; blossoms falling like rain.

This is a petunia grown from seed which looked very much like this bloom in growth, size, and color markings.
However, with all selfed offspring, the genetics can show off the recessive traits.
This plant has blooms of nearly white, but they retain the deep rose veining.
It is very striking. Another plant had a gigantic bloom, nearly twice the size of this one.


My nephew planted this container. Blue flowers are his favorites.

Tulip 'Ballade'

A virus, or a sport? Let Tulipmania begin!


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  1. Once again, I enjoyed my visit. Nice photos - isn't Spring GREAT! Jack