Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Garden Does Not Give Up


It seems like everything is in bloom. I know this is not the case, but it is hard to think otherwise. My garden is wonderfully/terribly overplanted. It is long and narrow and it is difficult to plant it as a undulating mass. It is even more difficult to photograph, even using "pano".

Rose 'Blaze'

Phlomis tuberosa grown from seed

Variegated weigelia species and sundrops

Spring phlox (phlox Carolina) and golden barberry; I have never seen mildew on this species.

'Elijah Blue' fescue, Zing Rose, and Catmint, 'Walker's Low'

Lavender 'Munstead', self seeded

Grapette spiderwort

Petunia grown from seed

Zing Rose and Elijah Blue fescue, both grown from seed

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And, the continued promise of more blooms.


I realize some of these pictures are not the best. The sun has been blazing and not the best for good photos, but the plants are loving it.


  1. You did well with the photos - no need to make any excuses for the photos! Your garden looks great! Jack