Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Geranium 'Patricia'

With its dark eye (appearing black ti the eye) and its billowing habit, this long blooming geranium is filling a gap in blooming cycles between the flush of early summer bloom and the onslaught of daylilies and lilies right around the corner.

As summer school has just finished, I am finally getting some much needed weeding done in my garden. The weeding is coming just before what will be an awesome crop of raspberries.
An unruly corner of the garden where campanula "horribilis" have managed to mascaraed as another less evil campula in the company of a Japanese maple assorted alliums, persicaria polumorpha, and some lilies which have opened this morning with all their creamy yellow goodness.



  1. Ugh, that campanula is awful. I am trying to obliterate too.

  2. Following you as of ....NOW...haha