Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Battle Between Light and Dark

Iris are one of the best indicators of the line between light and dark in my garden. They just do not bloom if caught on the wrong side of the line.

Likewise these Annabelle hydrangeas (hiding behind this lilac) will look like crispy toast if there are too many hot days with little rain and early beating down sun.
It is a fine line, and one which is constantly shifting as time passes.
Hosta which were easily outside the dripline of this pagoda dogwood, are screaming for release from a plant imposed prison to somewhere where they can get enough moisture and show off their beauty.

Under this apple tree are daylilies. Certainly this is an injustice to the daylilies which for best bloom really need full sun, as much as many gardeners like to position them in some shade, because they want bloom there...
Trimming out just 1 % of a canopy will make a huge improvement on light reaching the ground. Control and judicious pruning are responsibilities placed on the careful gardener. While we would like  our gardens to pause at the peak of their growth, they merrily carry on. It is always in July when I realize just how much pruning is required.

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  1. When I limbed up our crabapple the daylilies and Asiatic lilies planted along the dripline suddenly had a new lease on life.