Saturday, July 9, 2016

What's Up with Mulch?

No need for mulch in the Long Border...
I'm not a big mulcher. I always figure if there is room for mulch, I can plant something there! I do mulch my hosta garden after my white pine drops its pollen cones once in a while. So having finished summer school the hunt for mulch was on. My favorite under my pine is mini pine bark nuggets.

My usual spot to fine this mulch is Fleet Farm (sometimes named Farm & Fleet, depending on ownership and region). I was mildly surprised to find they have changed their mulch offerings to either a cypress mulch resembling yellow-brown straw, or black , brown, red rubber mulch, or the red, orange, gold, brown dyed mulches.

So sorry but rubber and dyed mulches are NOT what I am looking for in a mulch.

Walmart was out of mulch...period.... Hey! It is only the beginning of July!

Lowes had about 20 bags at just under $4, a bit pricey, but there you have it. I had checked Menard's the day before and nothing was offered other than dyed and rubber, there either.

Ten fit in my trunk.

Why would I want to use a dyed or rubber product in my garden?

Scotts and Vigoro, please figure this out.

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