Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Calycanthus Venus

This year the calycanthus 'Venus' looks good, but no blooms; unlike last year. I guess I am okay with that, although I keep hoping it will set up a bloom. It is about three times the size it was last fall. As it blooms on new wood and was literally blooming from nearly the moment I received it in the mail last spring as a rooted cutting, I hoped it would not have an off year. It looks good considering it was heeled in pot and all last fall, as I had not decided on a permanent home for it. This spring, though there was a very cold night in mid-May when temperatures got down to about 24 to 26 degrees and sat there until nearly noon.

Its growth habit appears more mounding or sprawling than I had been lead to believe, but there are not a lot of pictures out there of it as a mature shrub. Most, just show the flower, which is sensationally tropical and unusual for this zone.  I do like the foliage which is semi-glossy darker green. It might be a plant that will benefit from careful pruning. It does not seem to be water greedy, but it does get watered when hot because I have potted plants nearby.

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