Monday, August 8, 2016

Oakleaf Hydrangea 'Gatsby'

I have vowed to add my hydrangea to my yard, especially other species than macrophylla. I have always admired the oakleaf types because of their beautiful foliage, but was worried they would not prove reliably hardy nor bloom in my garden.

Along comes 'Gatsby' which is quick to flower and the flower begins turning color ever before paniculata 'Quick Fire'. I bought my cultivar from Bluestone Perennials and it came as a 2 1/2" potted slip last year. I up-potted it and kept it close by the water spigot until late summer when I planted it out in my hosta garden, which along with other hydrangea, a pagoda dogwood and a species azalea is looking more like a woodland garden these days. It has grown remarkable fast (almost 3' feet tall) and flowered this year (a single bloom). I look forward to it filling in its space where it get only about 4 hours of dappled sunlight a day. I water it when I can, but it is at the far end of my hose.

Pagoda dogwood with its porcelain vine-like berries

Quick Fire hydrangea and in the foreground a species azalea

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