Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Daylily Overload

Daylily Not Forgotten is really that color.
I would like to think when I see a daylily these days that it takes a lot to impress me. I can see beyond the single flower. I know to look at bud count and branching, to worry over whether it is a dormant or evergreen type or somewhere in between.

Unnamed cultivar

Daylily Mary Todd, many stalks, many branches, but the semi-evergreen nature kills me. As it finishes blooming, the plant itself looks dead. It blooms for about 6 weeks and then leaves a hole in the landscape. This year I think I finally got it right by planting a mass of rudbeckia triloba right behind it.

A "stray" that followed my son home from Dr. Darrel Apps' hybridizing yard. I love the purple picotee edge and the green throat. It is a very small plant at this point. It is definitely a different colored daylily with nearly white petals and a purple blue eye zone.
Who are you! Alas, another stray.

A mass of rose colored unnamed seedlings with good bud count and branching

Daylily Joan Senior, Typically about 25", but I have found when it is well established can be significantly taller than that.

Daylily Northwind Dancer, a great spider form!

Daylily Blackamoor Beauty

Rose something or other, I can't remember the name and among 351 other registered daylilies named Rose... I am at a loss. Obviously, its color is really its only remarkable trait as it never quite fully opens, regardless of the heat.

Unnamed cultivar...

Arthur Kroll and allium Summer Beauty

Close up of Arthur Kroll, the bud count amazes me!
I would say possibly Arthur Kroll is my favorite, at least on this day. Not Forgotten is superb, though, with its blue-green dormant foliage, the bud count, its lushness, and how it holds its flowers above the foliage. It is not lost on me that the buds drop a day after blooming, making it slightly self-cleaning.

I realize this is only a portion of the daylilies in my yard and I need to do better displaying them. They can't be the show alone, they need to work well with other perennials to show themselves to best effect. They are the fireworks display on a beautiful summer day, but you can not lose sight of the fact that the summer day is nice, too.

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  1. Nice. Great colors. I only have the orange, wished the flowers lasted longer.