Friday, September 2, 2016

I Have Been Traveling...

Miscanthus (?) (calamagrostis?) lining at path at Olbrich Gardens

I have been traveling. Thousands of miles, by car, over the last 10 days. I have returned to a dry garden that did not receive any rain from the downpour that accompanied the 30-plus tornadoes I drove through... I have returned to find my amsonia went and bloomed without me...  But like Lord Carvnarvon when asked if he could see anything, I can only reply, "Yes, wonderful things..."

First drawing of a butterfly species in the Western Hemisphere

A favorite combo of mine, Russian sage and pink roses, at the Paine

Always love the character of ironweed against the stucco wall at the Paine

The Deep Sea Exploration exhibit at the Delaware Museum of Natural History evidences the inspiration for the monsters in those bad movies.

I saw this allee shortly after it was planted. I can say the result exceeds my expectation.

Eastern cottonwoods are magnificient

Fire Monkeys...
More soon on my travels...

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  1. Oh wonderful! I missed virtually all of my peonies while in Europe this June..... sigh.... oh well, totally worth it and always next year