Monday, April 16, 2018


IS there anybody out there? I feel like a Pink Floyd album...

There are the robins... maybe a hundred of them feasting on the last of the persistent crab apples on the weeping 'Red Jade' crab apple. The historic winter storm Evelyn has dumped on us here in central Wisconsin with 28.5 inches of snow over the weekend in Waupaca. It is hard to tell how much is on the ground here due to drifting.

It looks more like January than April. And with less than 10 hours of 50 degree weather this spring the words "Ice Age" have entered my vocabulary.

As I ponder the weather, I also think of everything I have not mentioned over the last year. It has been over a year since my last post. Wow...

Almost 1400 of you have checked in on my blog in the last two weeks, even though I have been gone. over a quarter if a million of you folks since I began writing.

Am I still gardening? Yes, but not as frantically and meticulously. I seem to be working a lot more.

If spring does come, and my neighbors and I have our doubts, I will be starting a new garden and landscaping project. I will be vegetable gardening in a new garden. And, what's good for all of you, I will be blogging about it.

So hang tight, while the robins have gotten all the frozen fruits, I promise there will be something more for you!

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