Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ooh! Close-ups of Plants... And, More "Manly Plants"

Green can be gorgeous. Do we really need flowers?

And now for some "manly plants"!

Isn't THAT too bad!

...but impressive!

Well, maybe not this little "guy"!

Around here in central Wisconsin, farmers are making hay. For many this is the 1,000-pound round bales versus the easily stacked rectangles of 40-60 pounds. My dad typically bales the smaller rectangles, but when the baler broke he resorted to having the cut and dried hay baled into round bales by a neighbor. To move those bales we use our "little" Ford (the little is only in comparison with the big, honking, take-up-the-road-crap-I-can't-pass-you-on-the-highway tractors)with the hydraulic system. The Ford is then equipped with a spike, a steel rod six feet in length. The tractor then rams the bales, a process my teenage son calls "scary".

Yesterday, on our way to the farm, we saw a tractor equipped with a spike. I remarked, "Get a look at that spike, that's pretty phallic." It was a neighbor's tractor parked in a jaunty pose, quite the cocky attitude, like, "I have a big spike!" I guess it is something only women can appreciate...

My offhand comment added two words, phallic and phallus, to my son's vocabulary.

Still not sure if that is a good thing...


  1. You gave me a good laugh this morning!....

  2. You're welcome!

    I guess flowers are "girlie" plants so this was a real "manly plants" posts! I might have to post a picture of these cocky little hydraulic tractors with their manly hay spikes.