Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hens and Chicks Sempervivrens, Starting to Look Like "Manly" Plants

Last year, I had to chuckle when I checked one day to see what sorts of things people were regularly searching. A couple days in a row, someone was searching for manly plants.

Manly plants? It got me scratching my head as to what they were truly hoping to find. Mangrove? Oedipus Rex? Male ginkos? Plants male gardeners like? The male flower on akebia quinata? Truly! What did they intend to find?

Since then I have kept my eyes open for suspect "manly" plants. I always thought semps a bit otherworldly before this excursion into the dark side of horticulture.

Henceforth, however, sempervivrens = "manly" plants.


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