Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daffodils! (And Garden Scourges)

Daffodil spears

Whether there is snow on the ground or not, my bulbs are trying to grow.  There is some sort of quality of light.  There have been so many overcast days.  So few sunny days.

But there are these sprouted daffodils.  One on the left actually has a bud.

It was 60 degrees late, late yesterday afternoon.  That is not a misprint.  Today, is cold.  Farther north they canceled school... another snow day.  Here, we did NOT have snow, though.

This weekend the forecast calls for sun AND 60 degrees. 

NOT daffodils!  These are actually surprise lilies.
The foliage looks like a daffodil on steroids.   When I was a naive gardener, a long time ago, I would get slightly excited to consider what the bloom of these beefed up daffodils might be, only to watch then turn brown and wither without blooming.  Then in August, BOOM!  From nowhere a stalk shoots up and blooms within 2-3 days, incredible pink blooms without a leave in sight.    I have a couple in my hosta bed under hosta just to mess with people (evil genius...).

 These form a nice glow of blue.  I used to be able to see the flowers.  Now, I just see the glow of blue.  One of these days on the end of their bloom (when I can still find them), I will move these out so I can once again see their blooms. 

I'll probably also place some other places, too.  That way, when the gravel is graded or the snow plowed on the alley, I won't be at risk of my bulbs being graded and shredded onto the neighbors yard.

I feel I garden against all comers.

The mean rabbit...

This fat Budda rabbit is a stand-in for the bad rabbit poser in my garden yesterday.   I get out of my car and there in the border six feet from me is a brown cotton-tailed rabbit.  I walk over about two feet from the frozen rabbit, "I can see you!" I point my finger at Rabbit.  Rabbit hops off six feet.  I re-center.  "I can still see you!" I scream.  Obviously, the Rabbit Cloak of Invisibility stolen from some poor Romulan is just not working correctly.

The weather...

A broken pot of muscari (I love this blue!)
My crazy neighbors...

I have blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and an echinecea nitidia planted along my neighbors garage.  Finally, after my staring at that pile of metal trash he affixed to my side of his garage for ten years; he has decided he will re-roof and side  his garage-- just in time  to accidentally trample landscaping in my yard right before the Garden Walk.   Hopefully, he'll get his project completely before everything leafs out.  Otherwise, I wish him the joy of those blackberries just out of the picture on the right.
I have already had to remove two badly broken branches from my spruce.  The middle of my bridal wreath spirea has a chunk of frozen ice holding it to the ground.  I am hoping some nice warm sunshine encourage branches to orient more to the south and also to fill in with some new growth.  The bottom six feet is very sparse since having snow plowed up against my spruces' trunks and through the spirea and roses under-planting these evergreens.

Allium 'Summer Beauty'   

If you don't grow this allium, you should!  The foliage is flat,wide, and green; flower head is sterile and long-blooming.

Weather note:  Snowiest MONTH on record for Wisconsin at 51 inches...not just snowiest April.


  1. yeah........ we had snow.......lots and lots and lots of snow. No school though! Can we just be done with all that now?

  2. I thought the cloak of invisibility came from Hogwarts. Although yes, there was a cloak of invisibility for space ships, though I think it was the Klingons and not the Romulans who had this technology. Something tells me that your son was a Star Trek fan, as mine were. If we were neighbors I would definitely ask for some of those Allium, the ones I grow are Purple Sensation and Globemaster, both nice but on the big side.

  3. I think the elves gave Frodo a cloak like that too. Maybe it's not really a rabbit...

    Aren't neighbors fun? Ours put sheep in the shared driveway (goes through their field) so we have to open two gates just to leave home.

    1. Here I thought the sheep yours! Oh, Linnie...

      Actually, I have accused my other neighbor, Andrea, (to her face) of having shape-shifting rabbits for children. Last year chasing three very small, very juvenile rabbits from my yard, across the alley and under her picket fence; two seconds later three of her litter (of five) pop through the gate on the way out. It certainly made me pause... (and her laugh...maybe because I found her out?)..

  4. Here right on the shores of Lake Michigan, the daffodils and tulips are just starting to show. I posted some from my walk around the gardens this morning. Spring is coming - though slowly.

    1. As you posted under your emerging daffs.."there is hope."