Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowy Day

That 2" to 4" forecast snowfall resulted in a good 8" according to my official "Snow-on-top-of neighbor's-garbage-can" snow meaasuring board. My snow board is not painted white like that one at the Washington DC airport, which they lost... Any good gardener will tell you it is nice to not paint your tools green or brown, as nice as that esthetic is...

Not much is moving today at 10 AM. School is on a two hour delay. My alley has not been plowed, although my street has been. I haven't gotten myself together to clean off my deck, shovel my sidewalk, or uncover my car. I'd rather have just one more cup of coffee...

There is nothing so quiet or eerie as knowing there are over 700 people within the one square mile you call home and not hear a sound as snow gently falls. No cars, no voices, even the neighborhood dogs seem to be hunkered down

This morning people are beginning to rev up their snow blowers. Digging out. The temperature is a 28 degrees and may rise to 30, and pretty much hover there for the next week. I think we will have an early spring, but with lots of heavy wet snow. I will check with the library which posts the expected snowfalls each winter predicted by our local snow prognosticator, AKA The Snow Witch.

She's better at this stuff than I am. At least I didn't lose my snow measuring stick!

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  1. This makes me laugh! I frequently gauge my snowfall by how much is on Lola's head! Heavy snow this spring? Does that mean MAYBE we may get a snow day up north?? Here's hoping! :)