Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Visit to Jung's

These water-wicking/storing pots in a dozen gorgeous colors along with potato bags,
and strawberry hanging bags are as trendy as they get.
I am fortunate to have a retail store for a major seed catalog in my geographic back yard. Jung's, located in Stevens Point and four other locations on the Madison area, is one of the few garden shops open year round in this area. I am not quite sure how it came to be, but I am glad their corporate headquarters (in Randolph, WI) has not changed their mind on this.

It has an attached greenhouse filled with houseplants, a bareroot room operated in the spring, an extensive offering of seed (everything offered in their catalog), this year an expanded selection of pots (currently filling their bare root room), the typical benches of plants and container you find in a nursery yard in season, along with anything a gardener might need, large bags of vermiculite, fertilizers, netting, fiber mats, etc.

What sets them apart from some place like Stein's? They carry their own seed. The seed germinates well. They do not chase the latest trends, but offer good selection of what a gardener needs at a reasonable price. This and their extensive bareroot room really put them in a separate category. I am not sure every Jung's has a bareroot room, but this one does. The bareroot selection from what I can tell comes from Bailey Nurseries, in MN.

This year, I have  a bug to grow a cutting flower garden. Where I will squeeze it in, I do not have a clue. Among my selections are these from Jung's; Twinny Peach Snapdragon, Rocket Snapdragons, Zinderella Lilac ZinniaBenary Giant Wine Zinnia, a deep red Cosmos, and the tallest marigold I could find. I also bought a tall terracotta colored water storing pot.

It is 35 days until the Spring Solstice. The typical last frost date is May 13. Snow Witch says 8 more snowfalls. Siri says upper forties this Friday. It was 17 below without the wind chill this morning. Yes, Spring is coming. And when it does, the only guarantee is  I will have too many seedlings to transplant!

I have no connection with Jung's, nor do I receive any compensation from them. Just saying.


  1. I remember Jung's from when we lived in Madison. Loved going there. Your selection of cutting garden flowers sounds intriguing. Is the red Cosmos a variety of C. sulphureus? Do you like Cleome as a cut flower?

    1. Cleomes to me smell like skunk or garlic or onions or a combination of all three! C. sulphureus? I don't think so.

  2. Jungs is really a very good company! My mom used to order from them and I usually do each year as well.

    1. Mine, too! And they are GMO-free, which is something they don't tout loud enough!